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East Gosford Music provides music tuition for Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, & Vocals. We teach you what you NEED to know along with what you WANT to know. Our teachers are professional musicians who can take you from not knowing a single chord thru to advanced playing.



Trent Crawford teaches 5 days a week here at East Gosford Music. Trent has been playing guitar since 1992. He has performed, and continues to do so, on countless stages across this country and overseas. Trent is a founding member of the band “One Dollar Short”. Between 1998 and 2004 the band enjoyed playing all the major Australian festivals, Homebake, Big Day Out, Livid, Splendor In The Grass, The Falls ( to name just a few ). More recently Trent has also enjoyed touring as well as Festival appearances with “Something With Numbers” whom have released a new studio album in 2013.


Yet it`s the Mandolin and the “Alt Country” sounds / playing that really excite Trent these days. Regular playing with Kasey Chambers & Bill Chambers, Harry Hookey, Ashleigh Dallas, Ruby Boots, Michael Muchow, Ben Conciella, Paul Novosel to name a few, has seen Trent`s playing grow immensely. Relentless gigs over the last few years in his duo with Corrie Collins ( www.rollergirlband.com ) has also pushed Trent to new levels within his own playing. And like any passion, it`s a hunger that is never satisfied… Always striving and searching for that next level. Trent carries that across to his teaching.


Being a great player doesn`t mean one is a great teacher, and that`s where Trent wins… He really has a way of getting players excited about music, and playing in a way that makes them want to play. Every student is different, from 6 y/o to 60 y/o, from Heavy Metal to Country music, not one approach works for all students, and with Trents 10+ years of teaching experience, he gets results.


Call Trent to discuss:  0243 252650 OR 0425 203 441


 Email: trent@eastgosfordmusic.com